AFI offers wide-ranging support to artists at-risk, including:

  • Pro-bono immigration representation for qualified artists who seek to travel or emigrate to the United States in order to pursue their creative endeavors in a free society and promote peaceful and constructive dialogue through art. Examples of legal representation to artists include:

    • Artist Visas including immigrant and non-immigrant "extraordinary ability" visas (O and EB1 visas)

    • Performance visas (P visas)

    • Cultural Exchange visas (J visas)

    • Asylum petitions and refugee visas for artists facing persecution or censorship in their home countries

  • Working with our partners in the arts and culture community to ease the burden of resettlement for immigrant artists. Examples include:

    • helping immigrant artists find temporary housing, shelter and studio space

    • Helping artists find work, internships or training programs

    • Matching non-English speaking artists with volunteer English language instructors

    • Working with art schools, universities and residency programs to create growth opportunities for immigrant artists

    • Helping immigrant artists network with their peers 

    • Helping immigrant artists support themselves through their craft

  • Promotion of work created by immigrant artists by working with galleries, museums, curators and collectors

  • Working with artists to advance creative dialogue between societies and improve conditions for artists in their home countries.